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with Product Wheels

Improve line effectiveness and save time.

The best tool for Scheduling with Product Wheels

Phenix makes it easy to apply Product Wheels to scheduling day-to-day. Phenix and Product Wheels improve line effectiveness and profitability. It is a third generation tool grown out of years of wheel implementations and helps sustain the gains from Product Wheels. Cloud-based for increased ease of use, access, utility and evolution, the tool has a modern, robust interface and steadily growing functionality. Using Phenix, most schedulers find they are more effective as they can focus on the exceptions rather than manual sequencing. Even if you don't use Wheels, Phenix is a significant improvement over Excel-based workflows.

Cheaper Implementation

We believe software should be useful on day one. Easily import your master data and apply your unique rules. Our profesional services team is eager to assist in implementation including Wheel Design.

Way Better than Excel

Excel is often used to fill the scheduling gap in ERP programs. However, complex Excel spreadsheets are difficult to understand, develop, maintain, and debug, and also make organizations depend on a few key personnel creating a transition risk.

Powerful and Flexible

We model as much or as little of the real-world complexity of your sites as you like. Our Rules Engines for changeover durations, production rates, and consumption rates are powerful and simple.

Key Features

Phenix Scheduler is the best and simplest "next-week" scheduling tool – the fine-grained schedule that your line can effectively execute and easily adjust.
  • Understands your products, lines, and scheduling characteristics.
  • Knows the wheels, line assignments, cycles, and sequences.
  • Applies wheel sequencing to current production and new orders.
  • Informs you when issues affecting order size and timing occur.
  • Let's you adjust schedules to meet emergency demands.
  • Outputs schedules to the floor or ERP.
  • Multi-level scheduling - upstream and downstream work centers.
  • Inventory management including new production needs.

Why Phenix Scheduler

Most ERP and MRP software lack the detail needed to accurately reflect reality on the manufacturing floor and specialized scheduling software can be so complex that it is difficult to use, maintain, and understand. Many companies turn to basic Excel which does not support detailed scheduling and quickly becomes out of step with reality.
Phenix Scheduler is the best and simplest “next-week” scheduling tool – the fine-grained schedule that your line can effectively execute and easily adjust. If you use Product Wheels, Phenix Scheduler uniquely enables you to incorporate Wheels into your scheduling process, and to optimize your Wheel maintenance process. We work with Zinata consultants; customers have successfully implemented Product Wheels and we have seen them achieve an average of 15%+ improvement in efficiency by using Product Wheel sequencing.

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